Grills FAQ

How does the process work?

To order one of our grills online simply select the grill of your choice, teeth number and metal type along with purchasing a moulding kit found here

A dental moulding kit will then be delivered to you with an order form, instructions can be found on the mould kit page here . Please follow written the instructions, complete the order form and send these back to us. Your order can then be created and delivered back to you.

How long will the grill take?

15 working days from when we recieve the customers mould.

Mistake while taking your mould?

If you happen to make a mistake will taking your mould, you can purchase another one for the discounted price of £8.


All prices are listed on our website per tooth.


Can only be offered on 6 teeth or more.

Store location?

We are an online store with future plans of obtaining a store for our customers to visit. We currently only operate online as this saves on overheads allow us to offer lower prices to our customers.

Grills permenant / removable ?

All our grills are removable.
Permenant grills are available upon request.

Diamond clarity ?

We use SI diamonds in our grills as standard.

Upgrade to VVS1-VVS2 is available upon request